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Re-discover the violin: new instruments created with the musicians of IMS Prussia Cove
The Violin
Mark Jennings at Prussia Cove - The Violin 2017
Join us to learn about the art of violin-making, as new instruments are crafted by luthiers Stefan-Peter
Greiner and Mark Jennings, and the world-class musicians of IMS Prussia Cove.

The idea for this exciting project was formed in September 2016 when acclaimed luthier Stefan-Peter
was invited by the Artistic Director Steven Isserlis to attend the Open Chamber Music seminar. During
the seminar, he met our long-term resident luthier Mark and the two instrument-makers decided to
collaborate in the making of a new instrument, created especially for IMS Prussia Cove. In a truly
collective effort, the violin was made during Open Chamber Music 2017 – and came to life with the help
of musicians who travel
led to a remote part of Cornwall from across the world to attend the seminar.  
Following the sucess of the initial collaboration, Peter and Mark are going to continue the project over
future IMS seminars, with an aim to make a quartet of instruments with and for IMS Prussia Cove.

The project will help the musicians to learn about their instruments from the inside out, while providing
an educational blog for followers across the world. Watch with us as a violin is made, step-by-step,
inspired by the unique environment of IMS Prussia Cove.  Follow us on our blog

The completed instruments will very generously be donated to the organisation by the makers, for
which we are extremely grateful.
BVMA Makers Day
Sun 3th Feb2019