Mark has been commissioned very generously, to make two violins, for the sole purpose of being available for free loan.

These instruments can be loaned out for a maximum period of three years.
A contract of care for the instrument will be required, this involves bringing the instrument in for a health check once a
year and the recipient being responsible for the insurance cover.
The basic criteria for considering a player to use these instruments are:-

   Players are old enough to play on a full size violin
   Players are under the age of 25
   Players are in need of a better quality violin, but cannot financially achieve this
   Players have a South West UK connection

Any suitable candidate is asked to write a short letter, telling Mark of their musical life at present.
The letter should include, where they play, who their teacher is and what musical ambitions they may have.

From time to time Mark also has other Orchestral Stringed instruments which are available for free loan.

If you have an instrument that you do not want to part with but feel that it should be played, maybe you would like
to set up a loan arrangement.

Mark would like to thank all the very generous people who have kindly allowed their violins, violas and cellos to become
loan instruments.
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